The MISSION of our school is to translate and give substance to our vision of Transformation of the Self and the Society through an integrated formation with a Divine touch. We prepare the students to be the active agents of change by way of :

  • Making our educational institutions Centres of Good News,
  • Providing a congenial atmosphere for God Experience to become God-centred persons to live in harmony with God, self, others and nature.
  • Transmitting right knowledge, Moral, Spiritual, Religious, Cultural and Social Values, and thus develop each one’s unique potentialities.
  • Formation of good Character, enabling them to be Human and Humane with a compassionate heart especially for the Poor and the Marginalized.
  • Facilitating them to be good, honest and patriotic Citizens of the country.
  • Inculcating Love and Respect for Life, Nature, Culture and Religions.

Our MISSION thus, is to form young men and women of Character, Competence and Conscience with a deep sense of Compassion and Commitment to the Mother Earth and every human person by promoting Human Dignity, Harmony, Solidarity, Collaboration and Co-operation and create a Better World to live in.