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Bishop Conrad Sr. Sec. School is located at Modern Village, Dohna in Bareilly. It was founded in the year 1993 and is managed by the Catholic Diocese of Bareilly. It is established in pollution free lush green surroundings at the outskirts of the city. The institution was established with an aim to provide quality education in the rural areas and to bring an all- round development in today's youth. The students are prepared for C.B.S.E. examination. The motto of the school is PERSEVERANCE and it aims to educate the children to be persons fully dedicated to the Nation and be worthy citizens of tomorrow. The School takes great interest and care to inculcate this spirit in the children during their formative years. To train the mind and shape the character of the younger generation. To provide facilities for learning social and other sciences, irrespective of religion, caste and creed. To make the students capable of shouldering responsibilities toward God and their country, family, neighbors and their fellow men. To teach the technique that will enable them to discover their talents and powers. To enable the students to earn their livelihood, and become inspiring citizens of the nation and worthy members of the world community. To ensure that the product of Bishop Conrad School be aware of their personal talent and not to use it for their selfish end but for the good of others. Punctuality, neatness, uniformity of dress consideration for others and a co-operative spirit to be insisted upon.

OUR VISION of EDUCATION is to promote the Glory of God by establishing His Kingdom with its values of Love, Truth, Peace and Justice through Qualitative and Value based Education with an aim to form the Character of young students for the Transformation of the self and the Society as part of the Redeeming and Restoring Mission of God in Jesus resulting in Fullness of Life for all and openness to the wider world.

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    Bishop Conrad School, Dohna Students Visited village on 12

  • Children`s Day Celebration…

    Children's Day Celebrated in Bishop Conrad School, Dohna

  • Ram Leela Celebration…

    Ram Leela Day Celebrated in Bishop Conrad School, Dohna

  • Operation Guidelines…

    Operation Guidelines for Extra Marks App

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