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In order to affectively address the heinous crime of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children through less ambiguous and more stringent legal provisions, the Ministry of Women and Child Development championed the introduction of Protection of Child from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act 2012.

Main Features: The act defines the child as any person below eighteen year of age and regards the best interest and wellbeing of the child of paramount importance at every stage. It also ensures the healthy physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of the child.

Child abuse or child maltreatment is physical neglect of a child or children especially by a parent or a care taker. Child abuse may also include any act or failure to act by a parent or a caretaker that result in actual or potential harm to the child. These incidents can occur in home, organization, schools or communities with whom the child interacts.

Child sexual abuse exploits and degrades children and can cause serious damage to cognitive, social and emotional development of a child. As a society, we have a collective responsibility to prevent child sexual abuse. To accomplish this we must initiate and support services and policies that enhance childrens’ development, health and safety. We must also advocate for policies and programs to help meet the basic needs of children and families. We must also promote research, training and public education to strengthen the protective factors that buffer risk factors for sexual abuse while also directly addressing those risk factors.

Various measures which one advocates for:-

  • Revising awareness of the unacceptability of child sexual abuse and promoting the notion that stopping such abuse is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Educating the public, especially the policy makers about the true nature of the child sexual abuse.
  • Evaluating the progress frequently.
  • Wide spread and intensive public education, such as the use of media campaigns to increase adult awareness and knowledge of child sexual abuse.
  • Exploring and strengthening new approaches to prevent such abuses.
  • Making mental health services available to all those affected by such incidents.

The school has also certain steps to ensure such offences with children under the POSCO Act the school has formed a committee to take care of such incidents. The teachers as well as the non-teaching staff are fully informed about the various rules and regulations under the POSCO Act so that any untoward incidents do not occur.