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Safety Measures taken by school in case of any external threats or attack

The safety of children is of paramount importance. Designing a school security system is a delicate balance of maintaining a free, open, welcoming, creative and educational atmosphere while still offering a secure location for kids to learn and ease parents’ worries.

Various measures which are to be taken are as follows:-

  • All unlock doors should be monitored by teachers, staff or administrators as well as through cameras.
  • During class time all visitors are to be allowed only through a single point of access.
  • The visitors preferably who directly enter the main office instead of moving around the school.

CCTV: The school has a good connectivity of CCTV throughout the school to monitor for external and internal threats to students safety. Incidents involving hostile visitors, inappropriate behaviour, bulling, fighting and other hazards that can harm students can be caught on camera and proper action could be taken against such miscreants.

Emergency Protocols:The school also has emergency protocol devices. For example if any threat makes its way onto the campus, a staff of faculty member can activate a panic alarm. This alarm then does a number of things. It alerts all staff and faculty about a presence of a threat and immediately initiates a lockdown mode. It can also alert emergency responders such as police and concerned people.

The school has also ensured these 5 factors taking into consideration on the safety measures of the school.

  • Physical Safety
  • Psychosocial Safety: Emotional and psychosocial maltreatment destroys a child’s sense of personal safety. Schools must provide right ambience to develop and enrich talents to facilitate the total development of a child’s personality.
  • School Transportation and Safety: The school has also put up a GPS integration system so that the performance of the driver can be gauged, while the live vehicle tracking app assures the parents of their child’s safety at all times.
  • Background Verification of the Staff: Verification should include place of residence, post, employment and checking for any past criminal record as well as ongoing criminal case
  • Visitor Management System: The school has also installed a biometric security system so that unwanted visitors would not be welcomed.
  • The school has taken various steps to ensure safety of children so that a congenial atmosphere is maintained and teaching and learning process continues.